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Barnes and Nobles (the book store) is right across the street from our apartment, so we tend to spend a lot of time there lately. Today, for some reason, I picked up a book entilted "Zobomondo!!!" I guess it's also a game. It's a book of bizarre choices. Here's some questions to take your mind of the more serious issues…

Would you rather….

Eat one long strand of spaghetti that you've sucked through your nose
have a teaspoon of sugar poured in your ear?

Be a compulsive liar
marry one that you can't divorce?

Always almost have to sneeze
hit your funny bone every 15 minutes?

Be incapable of love

Only be able to spend a total of three months a year with your significant other
be handcuffed together for life?

Be forced to watch The Sound of Music continuously for 48 hours
drive cross-country with Barry Manilow singing on the radio the whole time?

Just some stuff to ponder….

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