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Okay… the amount of time finding a doctor and figuring out our insurance has started to be just too time-consuming… I spent the day on the phone (again) trying to find doctors accepting new patients. I'm really suprised at the amount of doctors not taking new patients. Anyway, I justed played eeny-meeny-miney-mo and chose one for my own primary care physician. Now I just have to have all my records transferred, etc. So, then I moved on to pediatricians. I finally found one that was taking new patients, and after spending a half hour on the phone giving her all my info, she came back after putting me on hold and informed me that they wouldn’t take my children as patients because we are choosing not to vaccinate. I know the choice to vaccinate is very personal, but I’m very surprised they won’t take them as patients… With our pediatrician in CT, we just had to sign a waiver. I know the mainstream opinion is that vaccinations are good, and overall, that is may be the case, but for Joe, my intuition just tells me to hold off. With the servere ezcema, being a allergy/immune issue, and then the Kawasaki Disease, which has no known cause, but is suspected to be possibly autoimmune related, I just don't feel good about vaccinations. I'm well aware of the pros and cons of both vaccinating and not, but right now, I don't feel like being bullied into a decision. This just adds to the stress of relocation. Anyway, we have an appointment with the one doctor that I could find who would at least meet with us to discuss taking the kids as patients. FUN! To top it off, Joe was sick all weekend. I was starting to panic because we don't have a doctor, and our insurance is still screwed up, but thankfully he got better yesterday, and we avoided having to take him to a clinic and pay out-of-pocket.

Anyway, enough whining about the pitfalls of our medical system. On a positive note, we're in the home-stretch with the completion of our house. We were out there a few days ago and they had the kitchen cabinets in. There still looks like there's quite a bit of work to do, but it's always suprising how quickly things start to come together at this stage. I'm so incredibly tired of apartment life. It feels like we've been on a boring extended vacation.

Darren just got home. I think I'll go talk with him… ooh… adult interaction!

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  1. liz

    When you find a pediatrician, discuss an alternative vaccination schedule. Diptheria kills, and so does pertussis. Some pedes will do a slower, individual-dose schedule for children with immune issues.
    You might also discuss this issue with a pediatrician with AIDS/HIV kids in his/her practice.

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