The “Home” Stretch

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We got the call the other day that our house closing will be on April 30th! We have the final walk-thru this Friday. Yeah! And not a moment too soon… It was in the 80's here the past couple days, and the A/C in the apartment keeps going out… it was actually 90 degrees in here this morning. Normally, I wouldn't whine too much about it, but it really aggravates Joe's eczema and just generally makes everyone cranky. And being on the 9th floor, I just can't leave the windows open. So, needless to say, this apartment won't be terribly missed.

Tomorrow (actually, today… it's 1am, and I haven't gone to bed yet) is Darren and my eleventh anniversay. No romantic getaways planned, but we'll be happy to just actually get the kids to sleep before 10pm and watch a movie together.

Well, must sleep….

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