The Mystery of the Disappearing Email

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If you've tried to email us and have had it bounce, do me a favor and forward the bounced email to my AOL email ( I've been working with my webhost to figure out why I sometimes don't get mails, or people don't get mails I send, but he needs something to work with.

What a long day. We got up early because I had an appointment with a naturopath in Frederick. She was quite nice and I managed to get Joe an appointment later this week, too, which will be good. While I was in my appointment, Darren waited in the truck with the kids, but left the head lights on and drained the battery. So, we had to flag someone down to give us a jump. After that was done, we walked around downtown Frederick for awhile and had lunch. It was beautiful weather and it's a very charming little town.

Then we headed out to Hagerstown to get a small storage unit to dump all our junk in, since we've decided to move to a hotel out there on May 1st, for the remaining couple of weeks before the house closes. We checked out the house while we were out there. They masonry guys were there putting the last few stones on the front, and the appliances were all there, so I think there's just a few more final touches, and then the landscaping. Therefore, I would think they could finish it within the two weeks and we shouldn't be delayed again… but, I'm not holding my breath.

Let's see… what else is new. I took Joe to the dentist for the first time yesterday because he has what looked like an extra tooth that came in in between his two normal teeth… it kind of looks like a little fang because it's smaller than a regular tooth… Anyway, I was surprised to find out that it's actually either one tooth that split in the development proess, or two teeth that fused together. Either way, the dentist said there's not much he'd do at this stage, and we'll just keep an eye on it. But, he said that he can almost guarantee that it will get a cavitity because it's like a little pocket behind the tooth that just collects stuff. I have to hold Joe down every night for a minute while I dig around there and make sure there's nothing stuck. As you can imagine, he loves that. Tonight I dislodged some fig seeds. Yummy. But, he is enjoying his toothbrush time these days. He likes to do it himself. So, anyway, I guess in the six or so years he has before the tooth falls out, one of three things will happen… A. The Goddess of Dental Hygiene will grace him with a cavity free tooth as a result of our diligent efforts to keep it clean and no work will need to be done… B. It will get a cavity and need to be filled, which the dentist has informed me would need to be done at the hospital on a young child, and because it's kind of three teeth crammed together, when he filled it, it would look like one giant tooth… or C. worst case scenario, the tooth gets severely decayed and needs to be yanked, which if done before he's really developed his speech, could cause speech problems. Yep… just add this to the list of Mom's worries. Calgon, take me away!

I guess my mom is on her way done. She called this morning to say she decided to make a quick trip down for a few days. So, she'll probably help us lug some of our junk up to Hagerstown, and hang out up there for a couple days.

Anyway, I'm exhausted, so I'm starting to ramble… Hope everyone's having a good week! Ciao!

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