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My day started with not one, but two, wrong number phone calls that woke me out of a rare deep sleep before 7:30am. Not fair. I think I'm just going to stop answering the phone all together and let the voicemail pick it up. I get more stupid, annoying calls from people I don't want to talk to than anyone else. Last night at 9:45pm, I got a call from a Spanish-speaking AT&T representative. How totally irritating. At least if you're going to call and irritate people, do it during business hours! Jeesh!

Anyway, since I was now awake, and it woke up the kids, too, who proceeded to jump all over me and run around yelling, further rest was not an option. Flo and I did a reading lesson, then we just sat around for a couple hours before deciding to go out and get a few groceries. It took awhile to get going because our truck keeps stalling… I'm praying it's a cheap fix and not a major expense… We're almost to the 100,000 mile mark, so if things are going to start falling apart, it would be now. Super!

Yesterday we went to a park in West Virginia for a homeschooling playgroup. Flo always has a great time and wears herself out, which is a plus. I also finally sent in the county form required of homeschoolers, and on Wednesday we had our interview with the umbrella program we're going to use, so we're now official. It feels good to have that stuff out of the way, and now we can just relax and learn.

Darren's working overtime again tomorrow. Fun. But I can't complain. It's not like we can't use the extra money. If I was more motivated, I'd go into DC for the day and walk around, but it's a bit on the hot and humid side now, and getting up at 5am on a Saturday doesn't seem remotely plausable with two little kids. Flo's birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, and rather than a party, we're going to do something special together that day, so we may go to DC to the Smithsonian or possibly Baltimore to the aquarium. So, I'll save my energy for that event. 🙂 Not to mention, with the truck not running so well, breaking down on the Beltway would not be a good thing.

Well, 11pm… everyone's asleep… Time to go do a load of laundry, put the dishes away and then watch TV or read until I drift off into dreamland… Night!

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