Grandma’s Visiting

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My mom is visiting this week, and we are trying to make use of the extra assistance to get some much needed projects done. Flo and Grandma are going to go camping on Tuesday night, and they have spent a couple afternoons at the park, which has been great for Flo. Darren and I even got a night out alone to see a movie. We saw Collateral, with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. It was a little different role for Tom Cruise, and I don't recall seeing Jamie Foxx in roll that wasn't a comedy, so I enjoyed it. I give it one thumb up, reserving two thumbs for life-altering, thought-provoking films.

We've had fun the past few days taking some videos. My mom recently bought a Sony DVD HandyCam and has given it to us on loan, so we can get some shots of the kids and fool around with making DVDs. It's pretty cool.

Other exciting things on this week's agenda consist of getting our vehicles inspected and registered in Maryland and getting our Maryland driver's licenses. I misplaced my license the other day, and when I went into a liquor store to pick of some beer for Darren, I actually got asked for my ID. I felt like such an idiot digging through my wallet. Twenty-one was a decade ago… really! So, I had to go make Darren get out of the car and go in and get his own beer. Rough life.

I think I will go watch a few minutes of the Discovery Channel, and then attempt to get a good night's sleep. Night.

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