Calgon, take me away!

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A little while ago, Joe was just standing on a small stool next to Flo watching a video, and I heard a thump and then crying. Joe has a big egg on his head and his mouth is bleeding. I swear, toddlerhood is so challenging. I feel like it's a miracle people manage to keep their kids alive through the first few years with all the obstacles to navigate. He can just be walking along, and boom, scraped knees, bump on the head, etc. Talk about anxiety. Florence banged her head on a door knob awhile back and the egg on her head looked so blue and big I freaked out and took her to the ER. Joe's is not quite as scary looking, but it always makes me nervous. I grabbed a bag of lima beans from the freezer to hold on the bump, and the bag gave him hives. So, now on top of a big egg on his forehead, he's got a rash! Calgon, take me away!

Meanwhile, Darren's just boarding the subway on his way home from work… soon to navigate rush hour traffic…. good luck with that!

Besides the challenges of parenthood, life is progressing uneventfully. School officially started last week, so we're officially homeschoolers now. We've got lots to keep us busy. My mom is coming down again next week for a brief visit to drop our dog, Chip, off, so she won't have to take him on a trip she's taking to Canada with a friend. Chip is a good travel companion, but with another person in the van, three is a crowd. So, we'll enjoy our visit with Chip…. oh, and mom, too.

Well, thankfully, Darren has tomorrow off, so I think I will take an hour or two and do something alone… like go to a movie or lock myself in the bedroom and read. Ah, the luxury.

Ciao for now!

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