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After a leisurely morning of going to church and getting a few groceries at the coop, I decided I'd take on the monumental weekly task of tiding up the toy room. I just had to snap a few photos to prove that it actually was semi-organized at one point. As soon as the kids wake up tomorrow, it will look like a mini tornado went through.

Playroom Playroom

Yesterday I went down to Rockville (DC metro area) and met Darren and a co-worker of his that he drove into work with, and we went to The Vegetable Garden which is a vegetarian Chinese food restaurant that we frequented a lot when we lived down there. It was tastey, and Joe actually stayed in his high chair playing with some rice the whole time. What a treat. We the went to Pottery Barn in the White Flint Mall and finally decided to buy a bed we've been looking at for about six months. It will be nice to get our mattress off the floor.

I'm reading another book by Dan Brown, called Angels and Demons. An interesting tidbit from the book related to our US currency one dollar bill. The words "Novus Ordo Seclorum," meaning "new secular order" are written on the left hand side of the bill, to the right of which is the seemingly contradictory text "In God We Trust." Something to ponder.

Bon nuit.

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