Super-Size Me

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Tonight we actually got a little time to watch TV after the kids fell asleep, so we watched Super-Size Me, a documentary about this guy who went on a 30 day diet of McDonald's food only. Though I only frequent McDonalds rarely, usually when we're travelling, it is still an eye opening account of the impact of a high-fat/high-sugar diet on the body. Scary. It makes me scared as I've been on the diet roller coaster most of my adult life and only like 10 percent of people that attempt to change their lifestyles actually make permanent and lasting change. I've yet to do so, but I guess we can't give up.

Tomorrow is Darren's day off. Unfortunately, we're spending the morning at doctor's appointments, which will require us to get up way eariler than we'd like. Ugh. In the afternoon, we're going to a homeschooling gym session. It's a big sportsplex where the kids just run around for a few hours. Lots of fun.

Anyway… one minute left of today… Good night!

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