Halloween Nightmare!

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I was diagnosed as borderline diabetic this week, and I've been having this weird numbness/tingling in my hands and feet and now my face. Ya, a bit distressing. Of course, we're in the midst of chocolate abundance with Halloween upon us. I guess this is a major wake-up call to get my act together and pay more attention to my health. I don't want to be like on of those people that gets lung cancer and still keeps smoking. I guess we all have our vices… I just wish mine was something a little more healthy. Oh well, guess I have to work with the hand I was dealt. Okay… won't whine anymore…

Right now Darren is watching the Boston Red Sox play the NY Yankees. Boston's winning… He's working overtime this week, so it's another long week. Yeah. He's hoping to be able to work at home by next year, which would be really nice… I think. I guess it would be an adjustment, but it seems like it would allow for much more flexibility in his schedule and would save a lot of money and time in commuting. He'd just have to get himself in a routine and make his daily quota of cases.

Flo's up in her room supposedly sleeping, but I can hear her playing with her new Barbie house. I finally broke down and bought one, trying to find the least cheap plastic one I could. Imaginarium had a nice one made of wood. And I have to admit, it's kept her very entertained for the past couple days.

I'm off to read… I'm reading another Dan Brown book called Digital Fortress… quite engaging. Good night!

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