No Kitty… what a pitty!

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I took Joe to the allergist yesterday, and he had a few scratch tests and it was determined that he's allergic to milk (which we already knew) and cats, which we were hoping would be negative.  We really miss having a cat since Tigger left this world last year, and now we're not sure whether we should even have my mom's cat in the house when she visits.  Joe tested negative for dogs, but he's allergic to their saliva.  Poor guy.

Darren found out that he's going to need surgery on his foot, and it's tentatively scheduled for February.  The unfortunate part is that he'll have to use up most of his leave to recover from the surgery.  Fortunately, we didn't have any long vacations planned anyway, but I guess we just won't be going anywhere for the next year, while he accumlates more leave.  Bummer.

Well, it's dish & laundry time… Yeah.  Good night!

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