Dishes, Dodgeball & Whiskey Lullabies

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I spent the better part of the day taking the kids to gymnastics and playgroup, and arrived home this evening to a sink full of dirty dishes, a mound of dirty laundry, and a pile of bills. I'm just recovering from my all-time worst migraine headache that started yesterday… Ouch. It's moments like this when I wish I could afford the luxury of a housekeeper and personal accountant. Dare to dream.

This week I'm into country music. I bought the new Alison Krauss CD, then discovered the song I liked was on another guy's album; Brad Paisley… The song is Wiskey Lullaby… definitely the tragic lost love only a county song can articulate, but melodic. Alison Krauss' new album is quite good, too. Darren got a Napster card this week to try it out, and he downloaded a bunch of songs… mostly heavy metal… but, it's a cool conept… Eventually, when MP3 players are the norm for stereos and cars, it would be really handy.

Last night we watched the movie DodgeBall… pretty stupid, but entertaining. Ben Stiller was reminiscent of his Zoolander character; cheezy to the core. I was intrigued to find there is actually a group of people that really take dodgeball seriously… the International Dodgeball Federation. Good to know.

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