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We're a few days into our New Year's resolutions and so far, so good. This is the time of year when gym memberships are really high, and then dwindle over the next few weeks. Thankfully, I've given up on the illusion of ever making it to the gym regularly, so I'm settling for the treadmill in the basement. We actually have a gym membership with Gold's Gym, which is "conveniently" located just down the street from our house. So, optimist that I am, I bought a family membership last May, when we moved in. Pathetic as it is, we've never gone. We jokingly refer to Gold's Gym as the place to which we give a charitable donation every month. We will be celebrating this May when the membership finally expires and we don't have to pay for something we're not using anymore. Somehow, I doubt we're alone in this situation.

Five houses are being built on our street. I guess I knew when we moved in that we'd be in the middle of a construction zone for awhile, but I will be thankful when they're done with our street. I'm tired the mud and traffic. Right now there's about fifteen workers sitting out front of a house across the street from me, eating their lunches. Fun!

Well, there's dishes to be done and laundry to be folded. I'm off for another adventure in domesticity. Good day!

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