Tea Time

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Since Darren and I are working diligently on creating healthier habits in 2005, we've switched from our usual several cups of coffee per day to tea. It's taken some searching, but we've found several we really like. Darren's favorite is the Rose Petal from The Republic of Tea, and so far mine is the Vanilla Hazlenut from Yogi Tea. I found a good site that discusses tea in depth. Who would have thought it could make for such interesting conversation? The site is called The Tea Muse.

Flo and I headed out this morning to church, while Joe and Darren hung out together at home. However, by the time I scraped off the windshield, fixed the broken windshield wiper, and drove us to Frederick, we would have already been twenty minutes late, so I decided to forego church, and commune with produce at the local co-op, rather than the Universe. It was actually quite nice, considering they had just opened an hour earlier, and nobody was there. It's a small co-op, with a huge customer base, so there's rarely a time when I go that I'm not dodging carts, or trying to not knock things off the shelves while I maneuver myself and the kids around. Fortunately, they're scheduled to move this summer to a larger facility, which will be great.

Tonight I actually attempted to get the kids to sleep by 8:30pm. I layed with Joseph in his bed until he fell asleep, which didn't take long, thankfully. This is his first night sleeping in his new bed. I'm sure he won't stay there all night, but a few hours of quiet does wonders for my soul. Florence, on the other hand, can still be heard playing with the dominos upstairs on her bedroom floor. Even though it's past 10 o'clock, I figure as long as she's in her room and quiet, sleep will come. Darren is over on the couch nearing the end of a novel he's been reading (Deception Point, by Dan Brown), and I'm thinking of joining him, and committing a domestic faux pas by leaving the dirty dishes in the sink until morning. I like to live on the edge.

Pleasant dreams…

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