Death by Consumerism

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The day started off leisurely and relaxing. We got up around 8:30am and I did my treadmill while Darren sat with the kids. My mom arrived from Connecticut while I was halfway through my thirty minute stroll. Apparently, her ride down was uneventful and the weather was nice.

Around noon, my mom took Flo out to lunch, and Darren, Joe and I went to WalMart to get passport photos for Joe and myself. We have no overseas adventures planned, but we like to keep them up to date. I spend very little time in WalMart, as it is generally anxiety-inducing, especially on the weekends when it's so crowded. And, I generally go in there for one thing, and come out with things I never would have contemplated needing. I am very indecisive, and too many options of anything overwhelms me, But, after a short deliberation, I ended up getting Flo a bicycle with a gift card my mom had given me for my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! But it was great to see how excited Flo was to get her first girly bike. It's a Schwinn with flowers on it… too cute!

So, we spent the afternoon running around doing errands, and by the time I got home, the only thing I'd eaten all day was a granola bar and cup of tea. By the time I made everyone else sandwiches, I got to eat around 7:30pm. Now I have no energy to do anything else. I was going to start painting our bedroom tonight, but there's no way that's happening. Maybe tomorrow.

Off to get the kids ready for bed. Ciao for now!

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