A Tale of Two Cities

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Darren's sister, Tina, and her husband and kids are visiting for the weekend. We spent yesterday walking at least ten miles around DC, mostly in the rain. And then, today we went to Baltimore to the aquarium and also walked around the boardwalk area. They're heading back to Ontario tomorrow morning, and then we're going to go to church and somewhere out to dinner with my mom. Flo has really enjoyed spending some time with her cousins, and it's been nice to visit with everybody. But it's been a busy weekend so far.

I'm still fighting a bladder infection, for which I'm afraid to take the potent antibiotic I've been prescribed (the same one used for Anthrax), and I'm feeling in much need of some rest, which just never seems to happen. I've spent much of the last week researching natural remedies and antibiotics. I've been told three different things by three different doctors. It's a bit frustrating.

We all just watched the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Darren and I have seen it before, but Darren wanted Rod to watch it. It's one of those movies that is so stupid, it's funny. So, that provided a couple hours of entertainment. Now they're over there watching "Mad TV."

Well, the Easter Bunny has a lot of work to do… so I'd better see if he needs any help! Good night.

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