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Today would have been my parent's 36th wedding anniversary; an important event, which most likely accounts for my existence.

Today we got a new couch. It offers a new vantage point from which to watch TV or view the adjacent room. We should pay more attention to vantage points.

Today we attended Flo's little recital after her last music class for the semester. She was so cute. She tired really hard to stay focused, but her second baby tooth is hanging by a thread, and consumes much of her interest at the moment.

Today Joe spent the day throwing up and sleeping a lot. I think it's a carry-over from yesterday's allergic reaction to whatever he ate at Macaroni's, but I can't help but worry, as mom's must do.

Today I made soba noodles for the first time, and created a "special sauce" to put on them. The result was surprisingly tasty. Maybe I'll add culinary creativity to my resume.

Today I got a phone call from my doctor, saying all my lab work was normal, and I no longer have a UTI, and probably never did. She suggested that maybe I just have muscle strain. I said I didn't know I had any muscles in the vicinity of my bladder. I'm a medical mystery.

Today I decided I do too much driving, and I want to stay home more. I really wish there was a good natural foods store out here. That accounts for at least one or two trips to Frederick per week, and then church on Sunday down there, too. Maybe we need to consider starting to go to the UU church out here, even if it is a much smaller congregation.

Today I watched American Idol with Darren on our new couch. What a cozy endeavor.

Today I took a nice walk in the evening with Joe in the jogging stroller, just as the sun was setting. We saw a bunny and a robin. Joe fell asleep half way through our walk. I enjoyed the quiet time to think.

Today… a good day.

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