A Bad Nursery Rhyme

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My day started off like a bad nursery rhyme with a spider in my tea pot. Eww. Then at the park, after Flo's art class, Joe thought a lump of goose poop looked interesting, and picked it up. Gross!!!! It inspired this whimsical nursery rhyme. What do you think?
Bad Nursery Rhyme

Spider in the tea pot, crawling all around,
Little boys running, nature's treats to be found.
Tastey sweet tea and cookies shaped like trees,
Silly goose, poop somewhere else, would you please!

The rest of my day was less eventful. We drove down to Rockville to pick up Darren at the Metro, basically as an excuse to go to Whole Foods Market and indulge in a yummy salad and some delectable dark chocolate. We enjoyed the time together on the drive home to chat. We often resort to taking rides in the car, just to have uninterrupted conversations while the kids are strapped in their car seats.

I finished off the day with a walk around the neighborhood with the kids, and am just getting started on my project of the night. This involves sorting through the stuff in the toy room, and discreetly disposing of some less used toys to add to our garage sale this weekend. So, a night of fun is in store for me. Bon nuit!

1 thought on “A Bad Nursery Rhyme

  1. Peter Weygang

    It is obvious that you know the poem that contains the phrase “spider in my tea”. I am looking for the full text of that poem/nursery rhyme.
    Much obliged if you could supply it.
    Peter Weygang

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