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NoodlesFlo had an new art class in Frederick today. So, we went down early with my mom to get some lunch at the Common Market. We brought it down to the park in Frederick, so we could walk around downtown after we ate. By the time we sat down to eat, I was starving. I got the kids situated with their food, then sat down to eat my container of soba noodles, only to discover I’d forgotten to get a fork. Of course, we’d taken my mom’s car, which doesn’t have the level of supplies mine does (full utensils on board). So, after a failed attempt to use drinking straws as chopsticks, I resorted to eating my noodles with my fingers. I felt so earthy and childlike, sitting there in the park, shoving noodles in my face with my hands. The kids thought I was very entertaining. I was just thankful I had a full pack of baby wipes with me. So, despite the lack of utensils, I enjoyed my lunch, especially since the weather was great and it was just nice to be outside.

We were sort of depressed about American Idol last night. Both contestants were really talented, but we really wanted Bo to win. But, he'll still get a record contract, so I'm sure it's all good. We've decided if we ever have another child… a boy… we'll name him Bo. Then we'd have Flo, Joe and Bo… Ha… Okay, that might be a little over the top. Anyway, it was a good season on American Idol… lots of talent… fun to watch.

Darren went to see the newest Star Wars movie yesterday. He gives it two thumbs up. I remember seeing the first one in the theater when I was a kid and leaving all pumped up and excited… like the force was with ME!

Well, it's late and I have a multitude of household chores I need to tackle. However, I think I will save them for tomorrow… Good night!

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