Celts & Sunshine

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It's been a nice weekend, despite Darren working overtime yesterday. I took the kids to Leesburg, VA to go to the Potomac Celtic Festival. We had a good time walking around and checking out all things Celtic. But, it was really hot, and by the time I was done pushing Joe in the stroller up and down the rolling hills of the farm where the festival was held, I was ready for a nap.

Today we've mostly stayed around home. I took Joe grocery shopping with me, while Flo was playing at a neighbor's house, so Darren could have a little alone time. Isn't that considerate of me? Anyway, I soon regretted that decision, as Joe was a real handful in the grocery store. I was that person people stare at and wonder "why doesn't she control her child?" Once again, it felt more like a grocery getting marathon, than a carefully planned shopping trip. I forgot to get half of what I went there to get, and ended up getting things I didn't need. Oh well. It's all part of the adventures of parenthood, I suppose.

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