Finding Balance

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It's a glorious day. I've just balanced the checkbook, and it balanced the first time! A complete rarity in our financial history. If the rest of the day is this easy, I'll be happy.

Darren's in Cleveland this weekend for The Champ Car World Series. He just called me. He's sitting beside the pit lanes, and he held the phone up so I could hear the cars racing by. Pretty cool. I wish we could have gone with him, but we decided to forego this trip, since we're going to the Vegetarian SummerFest next week, and we thought it smart to save some money for that trip. Darren met a friend from work at the race, so he's not all by himself, and I'm sure he's having a good time.

It's hot here; unpleasantly so. I tend to stay in the house or air conditioned facilities until 8pm or so, then we go out for a nice long walk, when the sun is not beating down on us. I don't think Summer is my season. Well, at least not in western Maryland; maybe in remote Newfoundland or parts of Europe, where it's mild and tolerable. But, what am I complaining about? It's not like I'm out plowing fields or building a railroad. I'll just rejoice in the advances of air conditioning and the socio-economic conditions that allow me to avoid manual labor in the blaring sun. Life is good.

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