A Mid-Week Trip

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On Wednesday, I drove up to Kingston, NY with my mom and the kids. It was an impromptu trip. We just felt like doing something and I wanted to visit my friend, Laura. She graciously spent the last couple days chauffeuring me around to the area's great selection of natural food stores, quaint cafes and shops. I especially liked New Paltz, where we ate at a little restaurant called The Main Street Bistro, checked out a small natural foods store, had coffee at Starbucks and lingered for some time at Ariel Booksellers. It's definitely my kind of town… very "crunchy."

So, with the exception of a few toddler melt-downs, it was a relaxing trip. We even got to visit briefly visit with my Uncle Bob, whose 58th birthday was on Wednesday, and my Aunt Mary who was wearing a t-shirt that said: "If you don't have something good to say about Bush, sit next to me." Visiting with them is always entertaining.

Today we started our trip back home around 9am and I had our route all MapQuested out, so our mid-point would be the Whole Foods Market in North Wales, PA. Yes, I actually plan my travel around natural foods stores. I should create the North American whole foods tour book or something. Ha… But, it's one of my favorite places to have lunch, and since there was one in this town just outside of Philadelphia, and it was just as easy to go home that way as the way we came, I figured we might as well have someplace nice to stop for lunch, rather than the WalMart in Wilkes-Barre, PA. So, we did enjoy a nice, though costly, lunch, before driving the second three hours of our trip.

So, all in all, a nice few day trip. Now I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend to get a few projects done. Darren's working overtime tomorrow, so I have plans to organize our office area. I do this frequently due to the amount of paperwork we seem generate. So, that's the excitement I've got planned for the weekend. And at the moment, I'm looking forward to making my way on over to the couch and watching the past few days of Oprah that were recorded while I was gone. Ahh… what a life!

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