School Daze

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I can't believe the summer is almost over. The kids in our district start back to school next week. Even as homeschoolers, we've been calling around signing Flo up for some activiites and classes, and trying to forecast our academic year a bit, however eclectic and unstructured it may be.

This Friday we're heading up to Kingston, NY again. This time it's because Darren wants to see the Gigantour Concert… a mix of various heavy metal bands. I, unfortunately, do not share his enthusiasm, but I will get a chance to visit with a good friend, and see my aunt and uncle, so I don't mind going along for the ride.

So, this week is just about getting organized, de-cluttering a bit, and savouring the last moments of summer. Of course, this opressive heat seems to have settled in, giving summer at least a few more week grip in this area, anyway. People must have just been darn cranky in the summer before the days of air conditioning. Although, maybe we've just gotten used to such luxuries and have become a tad spoiled. Oh well. I'm not complaining.

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