The Saga of Allergy Boy continues….

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Today was going well until Joe had a severe allergic reaction to something unknown and he seemed to be having trouble breathing, so I took him to the ER, where I spent the majority of the evening. Thankfully, his breathing was never badly affected, but he was covered in hives and his face, eyes and lips were swollen up, so we ended up having to wait around for him to be monitored for awhile. While we were there, a man who was hit by a car was brought into our room. He apparently was okay, but it was hard to ignore because all that was separating us was a curtain. Also, we heard of a seventy-nine year old man that had a chicken bone stuck in his throat. Ouch. Finally, around 7:30pm, we were allowed to leave with a renewed prescription for an Epi-Pen, which we thankfully didn’t have to use today. So, I'm hoping for a good night's sleep and a more relaxing day tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The Saga of Allergy Boy continues….

  1. Julie

    Sorry to hear about your ER episode, but I am glad Joe is okay. Were your epi-pens expired? I know last time we talked you had two of them, right?
    It is too bad you couldn’t join in the Peace March while you were there. Sounds very you!

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