Nostalgia in a Box

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I was looking at this website today called The Vegan Lunch Box, and it got me thinking about those TupperWare lunch boxes from the 1980's, with all the compartments. So, I scanned around on eBay, and of course, there were a bunch on there. I ordered one for $10. I thought it might be a great way to be more creative with food for Joe (aka Allergy Boy), since I always have to tote things along for him, just in case there's nothing safe for him to eat wherever we're going. Plus, the red plastic lunch box will bring back such fond memories. Actually, what am I thinking? It brings back memories of bologna sandwiches on bimbo bread. I hated bologna then, and to this day, I don't even like the fake veggie bologna. I remember throwing a whole sandwich away one day, and my second grade teacher, Mrs. Lee, grabbed me by the arm and gave me the "Starving Children in China" speech. Possibly a defining moment for me, and a very valid argument, but somehow I couldn't eat one of the sandwiches without my gag reflex kicking in. Ack!

Anyway, besides the bologna nightmares, lunch boxes can certinaly be an environmentally-friendly, waste-free way to pack more nutritious food when you're out and about. So, I'll give it a go. Maybe I can find a big flourscent pink one for Darren to carry to work each day. Oh, I'm bad!

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