Cranky and Tired

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It's been kind of a tiring few days. Darren had his hernia surgery last Friday. Everything went well, but he's sore and not liking having to just sit around, so it's makng him a bit cranky. Since he's home, I have more work to do helping him out and watching the kids, so I'm tired and cranky, too. And to top it off, a couple days ago, Joe got wacked in the mouth with a doorknob and it cracked his tooth. So, he's keeping the cranky theme going in our household. He has an appointment with an oral surgeon tomorrow, and I'm sure the tooth is going to have to come out. It was already a strange tooth that didn't form properly, so we were monitoring it regularly with the dentist, hoping to keep in as long as possible. But, now that it's cracked, there's probably no way to save it. I'm very nervous about having him sedated, as he seems to have allergies to everything. But, I'm hoping all will go well, and he won't be so uncomfortable anymore. I just hope they can schedule it soon, and we don't have to wait a month. We'll see.

I'm so tired, I don't think I'm even going to make it up the stairs. The couch is calling my name. It's close to the fireplace and much warmer than sleeping in a king size bed all by myself. Darren is so uncomfortable, he has to sleep alone for a few days, so nobody kicks or bumps his "boo-boo." He's retreated to the spare bedroom, where there's a television and a laptop connection. Besdies the obvious pain he's experiencing, at least he's getting a little R & R. I'm just trying to stay up long enough to throw the wash in the dryer, and then I will have absolutely no problem falling asleep tonight.

Bon nuit.

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  1. Julie

    I am sorry to hear about the crankies. It was that way here when Dan had his surgery. It really throws everything off when he is home.
    Who is the oral surgeon? Make sure you ask if they have PALS certification and find out what type of anesthetic they are going to use. I would think Propofol (Diprivan) would be best as long as none of the additives are something he is allergic to…the halflife is extremely short with it.
    Dr Kramer used halothane ( I think, I am not as familiar with the gases ) and Propofol for Megan. While he was very good, I don’t think I would recommmend him with Joe. There was a pediatric oral surgeon in Ellicott City to whom we were going to go before someone here recommended Dr Kramer to us. I just couldn’t see making that kind of drive when she doesn’t have the same issues as Joe.
    Let me know when you want to escape and have some time with just the two of us!

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