Muffin Man

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Every once and awhile I make little muffins for potlucks or activities, and Joe just loves them. I'm thinking I should try to modify a recipe to reduce some sugar and add some healthy stuff, like flax seeds. Because of all his allergies, he misses out on a lot of the "fun" food his sister gets to have at parties or other group activities. So, he gets really excited when I make up little snack containers for him that include some safe fun foods for him.

Nothing too eventful this week. We've had a busy weekend with various holiday activities, and our vegetarian potluck.

Darren's healing up nicely from his hernia surgery, but is still a bit sore and has to take it easy. He's back to work full-time this week. As for me, I've got a lovely eczema type rash on the back of my thigh, which is so itchy it's driving me crazy. I swear, it's always something. It gives me a perspective of how rough it must have been for Joe as a baby, covered in eczema. I think I would go insane.

Flo started the official count-down to Christmas in the last week or so, and informs me every morning of how many days are left. I actually planned ahead this year, and picked up a few things here and there over the past few months. So, I think I've minimized the potential toy clutter and got a few quality things they will actually use. Of course, we had to get Flo one thing that was actually on her Santa wishlist, so should wouldn't think that he was ignoring her. Apparently, Santa's very into commercial trneds.

Off to tend to the youngin's.

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  1. Julie

    I am sorry to hear about your rash! Any ideas about how it came to be?
    Megan has been doing the countdown for about two weeks now. It is good that you planned ahead. I am stinky at that.

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