The World as our Classroom

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Today was long, as we spent half of it in the car, travelling to and from DC, because I had a dentist appointment down there.

Some of the things we learned today:

  1. It's important to keep your teeth healthy so they last
  2. Cities have more cars and people, and housing cost more there
  3. Never get on the Beltway going the wrong way at rush hour
  4. Currants are a raisin-like fruit, and add a nice flavor to couscous salad
  5. Whole Foods Market is Mom's favorite place to shop
  6. "I Spy" is harder to play in a moving vehicle
  7. There is no last number; numbers go on into infinity
  8. After working all day in DC, Daddy would rather leave than stay and shop
  9. Not everyone is buried in the ground when they die
  10. Flo loves veggie sushi

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