Christmas Break

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We've kind of given ourselves until next week as a break from our regular routine, and just to relax over the Christmas holiday. Part of this was inspired by the fact that we got a new puppy yesterday, and it's going to take a few days to get into a routine with him and catch up on sleep. Flo is overjoyed, though I'm cautiously optimistic after our last experience (got a puppy who ended up having unusual agression and decided to return him to the breeder). Anyway, Bruno is a chocolate lab, and looks like a mini version of our old dog, Chip. We'll post more about him soon.

Today we went to pick out a couple little gifts for Flo's friends, and we talked about the spirit of giving (not just getting), and it seemed to click with her.

Flo also had a lot of questions about what you feel when you're dead. Her questions were like "If a dog were dead, and you petted him on the head, would he feel it?" At first, it's alarming to have your child be so inquisitive about death, but I think it's a normal curiosity that comes with a greater awareness of oneself in the world. So, I answer questions thoughtfully, without dwelling on the subject too long.

Darren took Joe to bed tonight and read to him until he fell asleep. Flo drifted off on the futon watching an orchestra playing Christmas carols on TV. A perfect end to a long day.

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