Skating Saturday

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Florence had an ice skating lesson this morning, so Darren and I took Joe for his first ice skating session during the public skate time. He was so excited to get on the ice, and had no fear at all. We were only out there about a half an hour, but by the end, he was at least standing up by himself. Flo was moved to a different class that was more compatiable with her skill level (which is minimal at this point), but she was happier because all the kids in that class were wearing bicycle helmets like she was.

The rest of the day was all about socializing Bruno (puppy). After skating, we walked around downtown Hagerstown for about an hour with him, and then we went to PetSmart again. Saturday afternoons are a great time to take your dog to PetSmart if you want a social opportunity for them. There were at least twenty other dogs there and tons of people, which was what we were hoping for, as Bruno is very scared of strangers.

We left Bruno at PetSmart for a couple hours for his first grooming session, and went over to Panera for lunch, where we had yummy vegetarian lentil soup. Then we hung out in the kid's section of Borders book store for another hour or so, while we waited for Bruno to be done. Flo got two more early reader books and I'm noticing she's much more interested in reading these days. She actually picks up books and tries to sound things out on her own.

After Bruno's grooming adventure, we went home and just relaxed for the rest of the day… Well, Darren, Flo and Joe relaxed… I did two loads of laundry, cleaned up two food spills, took puppy out to "go" three times, tried to fix the virus protection on the computer, paid a couple bills, and THEN relaxed for awhile… That's motherhood for ya. I'm sure someday I'll miss the demands and constant fatigue.

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