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I've been a little lazy with the journal-keeping lately. But, I find it's helpful for myself to at least make a weekly entry, so I can remember some of the things we've done. Ideally, I would write here everyday with the remarkable accomplishments of my two gifted children, but the reality of it is, that after a long day, it just doesn't get to the top of the priority list. We'll work on that.

Let's see. What have we done since my last entry? On Sunday, we've had our vegetarian society potluck. Flo enjoys going to these more for the social opportunity, rather than enthusiasm over vegetarian recipes. Nonetheless, she always enjoys herself.

Monday was Martin Luther King Day, and we discussed a bit about who he was and his importance in our history. It also happens to be our Italian friend, Alex's, birthday, which I think she found to be more interesting. I think we'll have to work on our Martin Luther King presentation for next year.

Flo's other activities for the week included gymnastics, a playdate with Megan, dog obedience class and a trip to DC today, where we did a lot of walking and enjoyed the nice weather. We try to use all these opportunities as potential learning experiences. This week I think Flo only did one page in her math workbook, but we've done a lot of "freestyle" stuff… She loves to draw and write, so we just use blank notebooks to practice words, math problems, or whatever else we talk about. She does one page in her journal everynight, too, which is a habit I'm trying to help her form early. She also got a new math game for her Leapster, so she's been doing that. We played several rounds of Junior Monopoly… that game can go on forever! But, I suppose it's a lesson in how to use money wisely.

Oh, and we don't want to forget Joe, even though he's not "school" age yet… He's Mr. Chatty… loves to talk, though it's not all quite discernable yet. He's still into trains… he got "Toby" the train to add to his collection today. And his newest thing is telling Daddy "I play hockey!" – He ice skated once a couple weeks ago wearing hockey skates, and he hasn't talked about anything else since! Must be the Canandian in him.

Tomorrow is our Friday playgroup, so the only other event of the day will be a lesson in domesticity… cleaning the playroom!

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