The Fun Never Ends

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Here's a brief update of the highlights of the past few days for the Petite Family:

  1. I had an appointment with a urologist regarding some symptoms I've been having for over a year… no new developments… I get to have an ultrasound of my kidneys soon. Wooh!
  2. Darren put dish soap in the dishwasher… anyone who has ever done this knows what a major mess it can make… floodorama!
  3. The kids went to a birthday party at Chucky-Cheese… I've had my quota of fun for the year.
  4. Flo got sick from eating pizza
  5. A friend and I decided to start a weekly challenge blog and give each other a new challenge each week, as a means of stepping "out of the box" a bit… not sure about this yet…
  6. Darren is still tired from commuting… hoping to be able to work at home by March or so, but not holding his breath… this is the government, after all
  7. The Tooth Fairy had to perform James Bond like maneuvers to deliver Flo's tooth money.

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