The Rundown

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Whoa! Where does the time go? Here's the rundown of our homeschool-related activites for the past week or so…

Jan 29 – Sunday: Flo & I went to church… Joe was still sick
Jan 30 – Monday: Joe still sick… we stayed home…
Jan 31 – Tuesday: Joe still sick… Took Flo to homeschool ice skating while my mom sat w/ Joe
Feb 1 – Wednesday: Gymnastics & Puppy Class
Feb 2 – Thursday: Piano Lesson & took Bruno to the vet
Feb 3 – Friday: Kids home with Grandma while we went to a hockey game in DC
Feb 4 – Saturday: Chambersburg Ballet Theatre Company: "The Firebird" – based upon several Russian fairy tales.
Feb 5 – Sunday: Church & Columbia, MD
Feb 6 – Monday: Homeschool Bowling, Play with Megan

Flo has been really into a deck of flash cards I got her on word families, and she's doing really well with those. We've also read various storybooks, including "Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon" for the fiftieth time this week. She's also taken an interest in a math workbook we do occasionally, and has done several pages in that.

On Thursday, after Flo's piano lesson, Bruno had a vet appointment. Flo accompanied me, and there were two 8th grade students from a local public school doing a work-study day, learning about what veterinarians and vet techs do. So, Flo got a mini lesson in veterinary care, and what kind of job that would be.

On Saturday, my mom took Flo to a ballet, which made quite an impression. She came home and put on her ballet shoes and told me all about the story, with quite the articulate details.

Today, we went to our first homeschool bowling session. Flo had a great time, and Joe managed to throw a few balls, too. He very much enjoyed himself, but it was a little exhausting for me. But bowling is a great way to practice counting!

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  1. abetterjulie

    ooooohhh! I so wanted to go see the Firebird ballet! I saw it in the paper, and it looked wonderful. Maybe next year…*sigh*
    Dan says you should get Joe a big hamster ball…I was telling him about the moldy/mildew smell and the water at the hall today. I was worried about him and Kielen with their allergies. I am happy he had fun and didn’t break out. He seems like he is doing great lately. I should have had Megan tell Mindy how many pins were still standing and do the math…next time!

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