So Much for Relaxation

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Oh my! It's been over two weeks since I've posted anything. Where does the time go? Since my last post, we've all been been sick and recovered… mostly…

Last Friday (Feb 3), I met Darren after work in DC, and we went to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play DC's hockey team… Toronto lost… bummer. I had a minor anxiety attack when we got into the arena and I realized how steep the seating is. But, after that, I quite enjoyed the game, besides the fact that I was sick at the time.

Our days seem to have been quite busy lately. And, today was no exception. Because of the snow, church was cancelled, and we stayed home to do some organizing and rearranging of furniture. During the course of the day, we discovered that the mouse that we caught in our house had found it's way to our panty, so we spent a good two hours cleaning that out and discarding things that weren't well sealed. Just when I thought I might be able to relax, Flo and her friend came running upstairs saying that there was water dripping out of the ceiling in the basement… Turns out that the drain hose on the washer wiggled out and was draining all over the laundry room floor… WHAT A TOTAL MESS! Another two hours of clean-up for that, which involved every towel in the house. So, it's now past midnight and I'm still up doing MORE laundry.

To top off my feelings of frustration, our web server has been down for the past couple days, and all our email has been bouncing. So, if you sent us an email and it bounced, that's why. Our website was also down during this time. And of course, Darren was actually going to occupy the kids for an hour or two while I updated our site, and backed up some stuff, and when I sat down to do it, the site was down! ARGH! Nonetheless, we found the problem, fixed it, and all is well in Webville now. Phew!

Anyway, I'm off to fight off fatigue for another hour or so, so I'm not buried in dirty laundry in the morning…. Buenos Noches!

1 thought on “So Much for Relaxation

  1. abetterjulie

    aw…that totally stinks about the hose. I meant what I said…after that and the dishwasher fiasco, you must have superclean floors.
    I didn’t know you went to a hockey game! You have a great life. We never do anything cool like that.
    I liked seeing you today. Sorry that I wasn’t chatty. I was trying not to be weird, but I think I was.

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