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In the last week, we've continued to be pretty busy. During the week last week, Flo accompanied me to a doctor's appointment, so we used the opportuntity to talk about different careers and what kind of school doctors have to go to, etc. She even managed to sit still through the whole 15 or 20 minutes I was talking to the doctor. This demonstrated great self control, considering she can never contain her enthusuiasm.

Flo had gymnastics last week, and this week was the final week of the session, so she got a little medal of acomplishment. I think I'll probably sign her up for the same class next session… it's a homeschoolers class, so it's during the day, and it's not really formal or structured… she has a great time.

We've also continued with Bruno's puppy kindergarten classes, and this week he graduated… second to last in his class… but there were only five dogs, so not too bad… Flo came along, as usual, and counted the doggy bone tickets the teacher has handed out in each class. We got to "buy" stuff with our tickets at the end of class, which Flo was very excited about. We got a ASPCA t-shirt, a folder with a picture of a beagle on it and a bone for Bruno.

Flo has had several piano lessons so far. She's not overly self-disciplined about practicing, which is to be expected of a six year-old. I don't want to be too pushy with the practicing to start with, but I told her if she wants to be able to continue lessons, she would have to practice every day. We got a little timer she can use to time herself, and I try to sit down with her and practice at least a couple times a week, to make sure she's on track. I don't know whether there's a genuine interest there, but we'll give it some time. I always wished I'd stuck with piano after the sixth grade or so… It seems like with music, if you don't start young and stick with it, you kind of miss that window of opportunity. But, of course, I wouldn't want to force my child to do something in which they were genuinely disinterested, but she's only had a few lessons, so I'm projecting too much… I'll just let her have fun with it, and see how it goes.

Last week's playgroup was a lot of fun. We did an art project from The Homeschool Art Program. It was a picture of two cats and a dog, which they cut out and layered on a larger piece of paper. It's cute… I'll have to take a picture of Flo's when I get a chance and post it.

Flo still has a couple more ice skating lessons in this session. She's really making progress. We got her a new pair of pink and grey skates, which she just got sharpened last week and is quite enjoying. Joe got on the ice for the third time this past weekend, too, and it's amazing how quickly he's getting his balance. He can at least stand up unassistend now, and motivate forward a bit befroe falling.

Saturday afternoon, we got a snow storm. It didn't turn out to be what we would actually call a "storm," but our Mom's Night Out that was on Saturday night got cancelled, and so did church on Sunday. So, we had a rather quiet weekend to relax, which was nice.

This Monday, one of the mom's from our homeschooling group planned a Valentine's party for the kids. They all had a great time. They got to paint a little terra cotta pot and scoop dirt in a bag to take home and plant flower seeds. They also decorated bags with their names on them to exchange valentine's cards. Exchanging valentine's was one of my fonder memories of public school, so I'm glad my kids get a similar social opportunity.

On Valentine's Day, the kids and I drove to DC to surprise Daddy… Unfortunately, the traffic ended up being terrible and it was a really long day, but overall, we had fun. We went to <a (it's="(it's" 10:30pm="10:30pm" 5pm="5pm" a="a" and="and" awhile,="awhile," because="because" been="been" can="can" couple="couple" excited.="excited." for="for" get="get" hasn't="hasn't" have="have" he's="he's" himself="himself" href="" i="I" i'll="I'll" in="in" joe="Joe" keep="keep" kids="kids" must="must" night.="night." now).="now)." out="out" over="over" plan="plan" possibly="possibly" projects="projects" quiet="quiet" s="s" she="She" since="since" sleep="sleep" sleeping="sleeping" so="so" so,="So," some="some" target="new">Whole Foods</a> for a snack, took Bruno to <a href="" target="new">Petco</a> for a little diversion, and at dinner at <a href="">Java Green</a> in DC when we picked up Darren. The long drive home made Darren and I ponder, once again, the sanity of living 75 miles away from his place of employment. Ugh.</p>
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