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It's been a pleasantly uneventful week or so. Our homeschooling group had a nice Valentine's Day party for the kids on the 13th, which involved swapping cards, snacks, painting their own flower pots and playing games. They had a great time. Then, on Valentine's Day, Flo, Joe & I drove into DC to surprise Darren. It was one of those trips where I can't believe Darren makes that commute on a daily basis, and I'm determined to move the next chance we get. But, that passed. It usually does when I look at the prices of real estate in the metro area.

Darren had Monday off this week for President's Day, so he accompanied us to our homeschooling bowling session in the morning, and after we took Bruno to PetSmart to get groomed, while we wandered around Borders book store, and ate lunch at Panera… That was nice…

Tuesday, Bruno started another puppy good manners class. This time we signed up at the PetCo pet store. We figured the busy environment of the store would help more with his socialization. Fun!

Today was uneventful. Flo played most of the afternoon with our neighbor, and worked on her piano praciticing for her lesson tomorrow. We're going to see a production of Charlotte's Web tomorrow at the Maryland Theatre here in Hagerstown. It should be cute.

Well, everyone's asleep, and I think I should take this opportunity to do the same. Good night!

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