Fun, Fun, Fun!

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The last ten days or so have been been busy. Flo's continuing with the same activities of gymnastics and piano, and we've been doing an art curriculum during playgroup on Fridays, which has been fun.

On Monday, we did another round of homeschool bowling, which is always fun, and Bruno started his new puppy class at PetCo, so Flo comes along to learn how to best deal with phsycho puppy.

On Wednesday, we went to see a production of Charlotte's Web with our homeschooling group. It was really cute. Flo had a great time and hopes to get to see more plays in the future.

We've been kind of eclectic with our approach to reading lately. We still do a lot of flashcards, but I've taken to just asking Flo to read things here and there, and found that's more effective for now. Then sometimes we go back to the early reader books for awhile, then she loses interest, and we try something new. I see that she's starting to encounter situations where it would be nice to be able to read, and I see the lightbulb coming on. It's fun to watch.

Tomorrow is church. I really like the religious education curriculum they're using there… it uses children's stories to teach values and such… Flo always has something interesting to talk about afterwards.

That's all for now…

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