Random Snapshots of the Past Two Weeks

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Went to see a Charlotte's Web performance with our homeschool group… well done and lots of fun for the kids.

We had some good food and conversation at our monthly vegetarian society potluck. Sometimes we miss the big group we belonged to in Connecticut, but we're enjoying having a potluck club here and meeting new people.

While loading the groceries into my car, and struggling to get Joe into his car seat, I had a reprive from that ordeal. I watched a rather large, middle-aged man frantically chase an obviously important piece of paper that the wind was carrying away across the parking lot.

Flo graduated to the next level in her ice skating lessons. She's excited and is starting the next round of lessons tomorrow.

Joe got a haircut… Let me rephrase… I cut Joe's hair with the electric clippers while trying to encourage him to sit still, which was obviously a hopeless request.

Bruno continues to be socially challenged, and I've resolved myself to the fact that regardless of how much effort I put forth, he may never eagerly greet strangers. Nonetheless, I want to do my best to insure he gets the most socialization possible. However, I can't spend all day everyday desensitizing him to the things that scare him, but I'm trying. He's going to get neutered this week. We're telling him it's a day at the doggy spa, but I don't think he believes us.

We got our truck serviced, and it no longer makes the high pitch squealing sound it was making before. And this de-squeaking process only cost $250! What a bargain.

Flo continues her piano lessons. Her level of enthusiasm isn't great with regards to practicing, but we'll keep at it with a casual approach. Maybe she'll get inspired… or at the very least, maybe she'll learn something valuable.

We drove up to Chambersburg, PA to look at a desk for Darren's office, as he's supposed to be able to work at home by the end of the month. On our way back, we witnessed a hit-and-run accident. We were just a few car lengths back from the woman that was hit. A man pulled out from a side street and hit her, spinning her around a few times before she hit the guard rail. Thankfully, she wasn't hit by oncoming traffic. As we came upon the scene, it took us a minute to realize what happened. The woman that had been hit was standing on the side of the road, with another person that had stopped to check on her. And the car that had hit her was driving away. We asked her if he had stopped, and she said no, so Darren did a U-turn and followed the guy. We managed to get his license plate… Anyway, to make a long story short, having that information allowed the police to find the guy, who turned out to be driving drunk. He spent the night in jail, and will apparently face charges. So, we felt good about that, and mostly thankful that nobody was hurt.

That's just a few of the tidbits from our life the past coupe weeks…

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  1. Vickie

    Hi – glad things are going well with Bruno – how old is he now?
    Our lab is in her ‘terrible two’s’ stage now — 17 weeks and into EVERYTHING. Can’t WAIT for her to settle a bit, and I’ve been told that can be as long as TWO YEARS with labs! Gah!

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