March Madness

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It's amazing how fast a month can fly by. March has been puntuated by illness. The flu hit our household around the beginning of the month, and got us one by one. I was unfortunate enough to be sick on my birthday. Yuck. But, thankfully, everyone seems to be on the upswing, and feeling better.

This month we decided that Flo would not continue piano lessons at this time. Her interest level just did not seem there. I think we'll try again in September. I've come to realize that producing a musically gifted child, when you yourself are not in possession of such a gift, is a challenge. Flo really enjoyed the group glasses, like KinderMusik and the group keyboarding class she took when she was younger. But, with piano lessons, she just seemed to goof off too much, and I don't think the teacher was particually impressed with that. So… we'll try again later… or try something else… She's continuing with ice skating and gymnastics, which she enjoys a lot.

Joe has hit the "terrible three's," and seems to be a big obstacle with regards to Flo and I getting quiet time alone to work on projects or lessons. But, Darren started working at home this week, and the hope is that now that he's spending less time commuting, they'll be a few more hours in the week where Flo and I can get some alone time. It's a good plan, anyway.

At the end of the month, we're going to Ontario to visit Darren's siblings and their families, so we'll incorporate a little geography lesson into that. Flo is very excited to see her cousins.

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