Health Fairy

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On our way home from playgroup today, there was an ice cream truck in our neighborhood. I do not know why the appeal of ice cream from a moving vechicle is more appealing than from anywhere else, but Flo practically jumped out of the car to keep sight of it. I told her that I'm sorry she'd missed it, but it would be gone by the time I got everything out of the car (including her sleeping brother), and got my bike out to go ride around the neighborhood.

Of course, when I was done putting everything away, the somewhat creepy music from the ice cream truck could still be heard. So, we spent a half an hour cruising around, following the sounds, only to see the truck turning out onto the main road. Poor Flo! I informed her that ice cream isn't really good for her anyway, and that maybe the Health Fairy had been there, just to make sure the ice cream stayed out of reach. Flo didn't think that was funny.

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