A Little Stressed

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Well, as I've mentioned before, Darren's long commute to DC every day for work has taken its toll on our family life. So, we've recently decided to put the house on the market soon after we get back from Boston next month. The stressful part of this plan is that it does not involve a paid move. So, should we sell, we'll have to pack up everything ourselves and put it in a storage unit. Then we'd have to find something temporary in DC for awhile, while we decide where to go from there. The other stressful factor is that there are a lot of houses for sale in our area, and they're not moving fast. There's a ton of new construction going on, and it definitely seems to be a buyer's market right now. Of course, there's always the possibility that Darren will get a job elsewhere in the meantime, that would include a relocation package, which would be a bonus. Nonetheless, change often equals stress, and I'm bracing myself for some. Our expenses are getting pretty crazy with this big house and the commute, and we know we want to make a change, but it's still hard. The kids are comfortable here and we know a lot of people. Crap. Story of my life.

So, I'm going to try to enjoy our little vacation to my cousin's wedding over the Labor Day weekend in Boston, and then prepare for some hard work when we get back. Anyone who has ever sold a house, knows the challenge of keeping it tidy and presentable for showings and open houses, and how exhausting that process can be. We have clutter to sort through, painting to finish, yard work to spiff up, and various other little projects that we never have time to do with Darren working six days a week.

Oops… there I go complaining again…

On a positive note, we've had a decent weekend. Darren had to work yesterday, so I went dress shopping with my mom and the kids to find a dress for the wedding. Let's just say that was an experience. I'm suprised my mother didn't have a stroke. Joe and Flo fought most of the time, and Joe was trying to touch everything. My mom would try to contain him and he's just scream and yell. The ladies at the shop looked most distressed, fearing he would break something. I struggled to try on several dresses quickly, in hopes of finding something. Miraculously, I had good luck, and the whole process was over with in less than an hour. I'm grateful for the patience (or more likely tolerance) of the lovely staff at Lena's of Hagerstown, and also for my mother's fortitude to endure such an outing. Phew!

After that exciting event, my mom retreated to her quiet home, and we went to our Spiral Scouts opening ceremony. They had some projects and games for the kids and we had a potluck afterwards. Flo really enjoyed herself.

Today, we went to Frederick and had lunch at the The Common Market. We also tried stopping at a big shoe store down there to pick up a new pair of shoes for Darren to wear with his tuxedo, as I accidentally gave his old ones to Salvation Army… oops… Joe was HORRENDOUS! He's such a handful lately. He runs all over the place and is completely uncontrollable. I think I just won't take him out in public for a year of so, then we should be good. Oh, that won't work? Oh well. Maybe I'll try meditation instead.

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