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There seems to be glimpses of cooler weather here and there. It will be nice and cool one day, then hot and muggy the next. Nonetheless, I think we've seen the last of the unbearable heat. My body has greeted this sudden climatic shift with a lovely head cold, sniffles and all. I'd taken for granted the luxury of breathing freely through both nostrils simultaneously.

All is well in our world, despite the looming possibility of relocation in our near future, and the potential stress of selling our home. We met with our realtor last Saturday to get some advice and see where we stand financially. Though we're kind of anxious to just get the show on the road, and unload the house, it's to our benefit to hold out and wait for Darren to get a relocation package with a paid move. So… for the moment, we're working on de-cluttering, organizing, painting, cleaning; all that boring stuff that must be done to make a house appealing to a buyer. It more or less sucks. Have I mentioned how I'd really like to never move again? Hmm… but how likely is that? The stability of one location is starting to far outweigh the adventure and career benefits of moving frequently. Blah. The whole thing has prompted us to have somewhat of a mid-life crisis, realizing the necessity to define what it is we really want, and to make it happen. We definitely want to be more conscious of our lifestyle choices and simplify as much as possible. But, even within those parameters, there are endless possibilities. I don't think you'll find us living in a yurt in the woods, growing organic vegetables and carving things out of wood too soon… but, the confines of urban living has inspired many to make far more radical changes. Ah, life is such an adventure… ain't it?

Tomorrow is art class and kids yoga in the afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesdays are our busy days now. On Wednesday, Flo takes a homeschool ice skating class, and then both kids go to Little Gym classes in the evening. We seem to have managed to keep a couple days completely free during the week for academic pursuits, relaxation and whatever else needs to be done. I'm feeling really good about homeschooling lately, and quite enjoying this time. Ever since I lightened up a bit about having to conform to any particular curriculum, and have just focused on being a happy person myself, and spending lots of quality time playing, reading, doing projects, etc. with the kids, learning just seems WAY more fun! So, I think we're in a good groove there…

Considering I have to drive kids around all day tomorrow, and should be alert to do that, I better go to bed… well, maybe after I read for awhile… I'm reading The Amber Room by Steve Berry, which is pretty intriguing. Then I'll stock up my nightstand with tissues, and try to get some sleep… sniffle, sniffle!

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