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Well, Darren's job search is officially underway. Most of our spare time is now spent looking for, and applying for available VA positions for which Darren has at least a remote chance of qualifying for. I have to say, the process stinks. Government applicaiton packages are lengthy, and generally require a lot of writing. Then you submit the package and wait… and wait…

Darren came home from work sick on Thursday. He thinks he might have gotten food poisoning, as the only thing new he'd eaten was some little veggie finger sandwiches at a retirement party a few hours prior. He claims there was some sort of mystery spread on the sandwiches, which may have been the culprit. It was potluck, and like Darren, many of his co-workers have long commutes, without the convenience of refrigeration… something might have spoiled. Who knows. Maybe it's a virus. But, he's been sick with intestinal type stuff since Thursday. No fun! I hope he's feeling better soon, or he'll be spending his day off on Wednesday waiting for a turn at the walk-in clinic, which is also no fun.

Bruno has been on a chewing binge today. Everytime I turn around, he's got a sock, a doll, a shoe, a toy, whatever… I think he may be one of those dogs that never grows out of the chewing stage. He's almost one and doesn't seem to be much improved in that area. Otherwise, he's fairly enjoyable. He walks well with me, puts up with the kids pestering him, likes other dogs and isn't too hyper. I guess I just have to take the good with the bad. I wish he didn't have to sleep in a crate every night, but I don't trust that he won't have killed himself during the night trying to ingest a dish rag or lone sock.

It's 11pm, and everyone's actually asleep, so I think I'm going to call it an early night and try to get a solid eight hours in tonight. I'm so much more peppy and cheerful when I'm not exhausted.

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