If I Could Turn Back Time…

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Oh wait! I can! The "Fall Back" means we get an extra hour of sleep tonight… how lovely! My condolences to anyone working a night shift, for you have to endure an extra hour. Bummer!

Darren's parents called last week and said they were coming down on Saturday (today). We were quite surprised, as they've planned to come many times in the thirteen years since we've been married, and due to various circumstances, or our geographical location, had yet to make it. So, it was great when they arrived this afternoon, looking fairly well-rested for just having traveled for two days. I guess that's what people without young children look like when they travel… I always look like I got dragged behind the car for the last hundred miles. Nonetheless, they're staying for a few days, so we'll try to show them the sights, and relax a bit, if possible.

Darren had an interview on Thursday for a job in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that, but it is promising that he's at least being interviewed for something. He's put out about six resumes so far, and though he has certified for a couple positions, things seem to be moving slowly. Of course, I hear this isn't unusual for the government. So, regardless of whether anything comes of this one, at least he's interviewing… that's progress.

Well, off to indulge in my extra hour of sleep tonight… Buenos noches!

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