Hey… when did two weeks go by?

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Ok… time is going entirely too fast. I guess it's an indicator of age when this happens, but jeesh, slow down a bit!

Since my last entry, Darren's parents have since left at the beginning of the month. We enjoyed their visit. They got to go trick-or-treating with the kids on Halloween, and we took them to DC for one of the days, and did some local stuff the other couple days. I’m really glad the kids got a chance to visit with their grandparents, and hopefully, we’ll see them again soon.

Nothing has happened with regards to job prospects. It's absolutely maddening to have all these possibilities, and have to wait so long with the eventuality of moving hanging over us. I think Darren has decided to only apply for jobs at the next grade, rather than just try to get a lateral transfer to get out of the area. It's probably better to hold out for a position that he really wants and offers us some incentive to move, other than just minimizing his commute and living in a more affordable area. Of course, jobs at a higher grade are more competitive, and it could take awhile. But, I'd rather wait it out here, where were already comfortable, than move twice. Anyway, the search continues…

I had a fun time this past weekend. On Saturday night, we had a mom's sleep-over. A group of moms from our regular homeschooling group all left the kids with Dad for the night, and we all enjoyed some grown-up time for a whole night! I hosted it at our house, so Darren took the kids to my mom's and they had their own sleep-over. It was refreshing to just relax a bit and not worry about the kids, and get the chance to play games, eat some good food, and converse with other moms. I highly recommend it!

We have another busy week ahead of us. Today was art and yoga, then the rest of the week is filled with gym class, skating lessons, a science workshop and playgroup. Then this Saturday, we're going to "Thanksgiving with the Turkeys" at Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary. They have an enormous potluck, and the kids get to visit with the animals. We went last year, too. It's lots of fun. Then Sunday is church and probably dinner with my mom, as she is heading north for Thanksgiving next week. So, maybe I'll catch my breath next week. Phew!

I posted some new photos this week, and it's come to my attention that we have a lot of photos, and I should probably invest some time and money in having them printed into albums. There are several services online that allow you to upload your photos, design books, and have them printed. I estimate having to spend several hundred dollars to have a book or two printed, but for eight or nine years worth of photos, that's not bad. And in spite of how great digital images are, it's nice to have something tangible to drag out at dinner parties, or for the kids to flip through every now and then. Flo loves my really old photo albums, and that's what inspired me to look into organizing our current online collection. The major problem is ever finding the time to devote to that task. Soon.

Everyone's asleep, so I best take advantage of that fact, and get some myself. Night!

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