Happy Thanksgiving!

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Just wishing all our friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving. We don't have any big plans, but I'm actually quite looking forward to Thanksgiving day. Most everything is closed, so there's even more reason to just stay home. We're not preparing an elaborate meal. But, we do plan to have a Thanksgiving brunch of some various things that don't really go together, but we just all enjoy, like tofu scramble, waffles, pumpkin muffins, grilled asparagus, fruit salad and chai tea.

I'll read the kids Autumn Equinox, by Ellen Jackson, which is a nice children's book, about how people around the world celebrate this time of year. Darren will probably watch hockey… it isn't often he's afforded a whole day with nothing to do and nowhere to go. I'll hope for good weather so we can take a nice walk, and will catch up on some boring chores, like laundry, and maybe cleaning off my messy desk.

Last weekend we did go to the Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary's Thanksgiving with the Turkeys. It was wonderful. It's so, once a year, to have unlimited vegan food choices. We brought old school lunch trays and they were piled high with some really fabulous food. Of course, there's a reason why we only do that once a year… it's not particularly good for the waistline to do too frequently. The kids also enjoyed watching the turkeys have their feast and visiting with the pigs again.

So… in the spirit of giving thanks, thank you for stopping by our website and peeking into the window of our world. Have a great day!

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