Oh baby baby!

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Oh my. After my last rambling post, this announcement might seem insane. But what the heck! Though I haven't totally absorbed the fact yet, I'm pregnant! I'm only about five weeks along, so it's still really early, but we're excited. It was now or never. I'll be 34 this year, and Joe just turned 4, so I wouldn't want to be waiting much longer.

So, the focus in the New Year is just to simplify our schedule and relax. I find the less running around we do, the better the day goes, so we'll try to consolidate our activities into one or two days, and spend a little more time at home. After all, we're HOME schooling, not CAR schooling. Ha!

Darren's job search continues… Wichita, Milwaukee, Hartford, staying in DC? Where will it be? Of course, with our recent development, moving is less appealing to me. If something doesn't come up within the next two months, I think Darren's going to have to narrow his search to promotional opportunities in the commuting area, so I'm not moving a week before my due date. That would be most stressful. But, for some reason, I just have that "go with the flow" attitude right now, and am feeling open to anything. Get back to me next week… I'll probably feel differently.

Flo is spending the night at her friends’ house in West Virginia (15 miles away) tonight, and Joe fell asleep while playing UNO with Darren around 9:30pm, so it's pleasantly quiet. I got all the dishes done, the laundry put away, and it was only 10pm! What a treat! I think I'll go enjoy it for awhile longer, until I'm too tired and must succumb to sleep.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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