December is Done

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It was a festive month with the holiday season in full force. We did some holiday crafts and enjoyed a couple fun playgroups. Flo took a KidzArt holiday workshop in Frederick on the 2nd, while we enjoyed lunch out with just Joe. Flo ended up with some cute holiday creations.

Joe's fourth birthday was on the 11th. We kept his party to a simple playgroup get together, and I made Joe allergy-safe cupcakes. I can't believe Joe is already four. Wow! To compound my disbelief, the day before Joe's birthday, I found out I am pregnant with number three! The kids are really excited about that, though I don't think Joe really gets what it means yet. It will be fun to see their reactions as it becomes a little more obvious.

On the 14th, Flo and I went down to Frederick again to take an oceanography class for elementary age kids offered by a local public school. The teach gave a few minute speech and talked about all the stations, which had worksheets they could do to learn about each, and then we spent the afternoon moving through them. We learned all sorts of interesting facts about sea life and weather. And it was nice to spend some one on one time with Flo.

On the 16th, my mom took Flo to see a production of "The Nutcracker" at the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg, PA. Flo got to dress all up and go out for the evening. She came home twirling around and ready to try out her own ballet moves.

The rest of the month was busy just doing regular activities, such as skating class, gym class, a couple art classes, and play dates. Flo spent the night at Jayme and Alicia's house. Jayme is a year older than Flo and Alicia is two years younger, so I think Flo enjoyed her evening without her pesty brother.

We tried to keep the holidays really simple and focus on the quality of gift-giving, rather than the quantity. Of course, that didn't stop Grandma from going overboard, as usual. But, I have to admit, Santa, did bring a few cheap, noisy and annoying toys, but for most part, there were some useful items. So that's nice.

On Christmas Day, I cooked dinner for us, my mother and her boyfriend. It was good, but it took so much energy, I think next year we'll just go to the Chinese buffet.

For New Year's Eve, we attended our church alternative celebration. It was a good group, with some activities for the kids, a bonfire, and some good food. So, we stayed for a few hours, then were home by 10ish to wait for the New Year to roll in. The kids didn't make it and Darren and I watched the ball drop on TV, wished each other a happy New Year and rolled over and sent to sleep.

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