2007 is underway…

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The New Year has brought a $200/month increase in our mortgage, due to a recent tax reassessment. That put me in a bad mood for a day or two, but I got over it. I'll just look at it as another financial obstacle in whole insane plan to move to DC, then live 90 miles from Darren's work! Ya, lesson learned.

So, I'm into about the eighth week of this pregnancy. I saw my regular MD today to discuss some digestive issues I've been having… mainly bloating up like a balloon every time I eat a meal. Lovely. But, while I was there, we discussed birth options a bit. Of course, being a physician, she was not overly supportive of homebirth, but she was nice. I'm still not sure what I want to do. Considering I'm going to be five years older, and have had some major changes in my body since Joe's birth (mainly yo-yoing up and down 50 or 60 pounds, then losing 90 a couple years ago), I'm feeling a little more worn down, despite the fact that my weight is stable and I’m feeling better that way. The fact that I've been having some minor health issues makes me a little less comfortable with homebirth, but still totally not into the whole overly monitored approach to birth in a hospital. The birth center, while an ideal choice, is 75 miles away… I'd really hate to have a baby in our van stuck in traffic on I-270. So, I don't know. Check back for the continuing saga of where I decide to get prenatal care.

The kids are doing well. They're into that total sibling rivalry stage. It's non-stop. They just live to irritate each other… except for the rare peaceful interlude when they are distracted by a game, and interesting toy, or a movie. We just do our best to referee and remind them that how they treat each other needs to reflect how they want to be treated by others. That falls on deaf ears most of the time, but something must stick.

Darren is tired. He's back in zombie mode, which always happens when he's working. He has a long weekend coming up over the Martin-Luther King Day weekend, though, so he's looking forward to that. Actually, he's going to be painting our bedroom and master bath all day Saturday, so I don't know how appealing that prospect is, but at least he'll be home. We taped off all the edges this week, so he can just get painting on Saturday morning. Yeah! It's only been half painted for almost two years! Regardless of whether we stay for awhile or sell soon, a half painted master bedroom, with "The Love Bed" written on the wall, isn't an appealing feature.

Well, off to enjoy a little solitude. I just got Michael Crichton's newest novel, Next, so I think I'll start that! Night!

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