An End to Procrastination

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As I may have mentioned before, Darren and I painted almost the whole interior of the house within a few months of moving in over two years ago. The exception was our master bedroom and bath. We started the project almost two years ago, and got about a quarter of the way done, then put the painting supplies away and said we'd get back to in a few days, since we were just so tired of painting. Well, a few days came and went… a few months… It became the nagging burden I thought about every time we had "free" time. We had also scribbled things all over the wall, thinking we'd be funny, and paint over them in a day or two. So, for two years, I've had to look at the words "The Love Bed" with an arrow pointing down to our bed, a lovely tree, a stick figure of Darren and a race car painted in beige paint around my room.

So, the day has come! FINALLY, Darren spent all day yesterday painting, practically to the point of exhaustion. Since I'm pregnant, I didn't do much but run in now and then with the mask on and roll a section while Darren took a breather. I got the fun job of taping off the moldings before painting and clean-up today. I'm just so relieved it's over. PHEW! Tomorrow we're going to finally hang our curtain rods and properly hang the drapes, for some much needed privacy. We have new houses being built behind us, so the days when we had an empty field out there have been replaced with workers and prospective home buyers meandering around right behind our house.

So, maybe our New Year is starting off on the right foot. We'll TRY not to put off until tomorrow what we could do today. However, I hope I don't see another paint brush for at least a few years. In fact, I think I'll just learn to love white walls or pay someone to paint. I've really come to not enjoy the process much at all. The only room left unpainted in our house is our tiny laundry room, and I think it just might have to stay that way, unless Darren feels inspired.

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